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A generous Royal Mail driver leaves a gift for a young man who waves at oncoming vehicles

It was September 17. Darren walked with his son Alex Chesters to the M6 Bridge near Stafford. This father and son usually come to wave at the traffic passing by the bridge. But that Saturday was unlike any usual one. They noticed something when they arrived at their usual spot at the bridge. Someone had tied something to the railings. Can you guess what it is? It was a model truck that was addressed to young Alex by a Royal Mail delivery driver. That unique gift that the unknown kind man gave to Alex as a surprise left him speechless.

In addition to the model truck, the Royal Mail delivery driver left a heartfelt note on the box. The note said the gift was for the dad and lad watching the trucks in the front. And in the back the delivery driver said that the driver worked for Royal Mail and was seeing Darren and Alex regularly, so he thought Alex might like his own (truck) and wished them a nice day.

Alex Chesters, the heartwarming young man

Alex Chesters is a 27 years old young man. He is diagnosed with quadriplegic cerebral palsy. He can’t walk for very long. And he is obsessed with red. His brother Will said when he sees the Royal Mail lorries, he thinks it’s Postman Pat. He walks to an M6 bridge two times or three times a week with his father, Darren. On the bridge, Alex watches and waves at traffic. Will also said that if they beep the horn, flash the lights, or any form of acknowledgment that they’ve seen him, Alex loves it. Alex also enjoys weekly visits to a farm for adults with additional needs. There, he is given things to carry.

This random act of kindness restores faith in humanity. And that there are still good people out there. The driver stepped outside and crossed the bridge to place the toy truck there without knowing whether it would even get to them. Although Alex was a stranger to the driver, he made Alex’s day happier.

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