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A Father Filled 80 Trucks Of Wood With His Twins To Donate Them To People Who Need Them.

People in this world use their strength for various purposes. But sadly, we always hear about when they use it for evil and cruel things. Yet again, someone carries the good deed without even wanting appreciation. This story is about a hero who decided to use his strength to make this world better with his twin sons.

Shane McDaniel and his twin sons, Henry and Harrison, live in Lake Stevens, Washington. Storms, cold and wet, are something they struggle with daily. When a storm hits, they cut wood from trees taken down. Even When he was younger, Shane and his father would spend a lot of time gathering firewood. But this time, there was something different. Wood kept piling up and piling up. Like the universe was showing him to do something good with all the piled-up wood.

Shane thought, “let’s do something better”.

Shane happily continued the firewood harvesting tradition with his 21-year-old twins. When there was so much wood, they figured they could use it for something better. As a family, they concluded they would clear all the wood piled up and give a hand to those who needed them simultaneously.

He told PEOPLE magazine that the Pacific Northwest is a pretty rugged area; it was cold and wet. Once he started, he saw the need, and his eyes opened up. So many people were stopping and asking to buy wood, and they just started giving it away. Yes, Shane and the twins thought to do something that no one would ever do for free. They worked hard to cut all the wood and gave it away to people who needed it.

They collected more wood that they could not decide what to do with them.

Shane McDaniel

Shane and his twins, Henry and Harrison, worked on the project from March to October 2018, cutting enough firewood to fill 80 trucks. They had more wood than they expected. It was like the universe gave a hand to add more value to Shane’s good thoughts. So, Shane had to send a post on Facebook asking people who needed to private massage him through the platform so he could give away wood as much as possible to everyone who needed wood.

Naturally, Shane’s post received a lot of attention. Most individuals were surprised by the family’s kindness, and some even offered to distribute the firewood to those who could not get to it themselves. The hero of this great deed, Shane, later said it was a wonderful thing to see. You can see this feeling of pride and sharing what those people didn’t have. And that when you do good things for people, they do not forget. He loves helping people.

photo credits-Shane McDaniel

Shane McDaniel
Shane McDaniel
Shane McDaniel

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