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A Dog Escaped Its New Home To Return To Its Old Shelter 10 Miles Away!

Bailey, the dog, went missing from its new home on January 29. Three days later, she was spotted at the shelter where she was recently rehomed.

Hyde operates the shelter where Bailey was found. She noted that the dog returned after escaping from its owner’s home and roaming the area.

When she arrived, Bailey was a newcomer to the shelter. According to Hyde, she was very aggressive and wanted all the attention. To help her adjust to the environment, she was trained in obedience. During eight weeks, she was able to learn to mind her manners.

Bailey was trained to be a dog that people would adopt.

According to Hyde, the dog went missing after it got spooked while its owner tried to fit it into a harness. Although other people wanted to catch it, they only pushed her to run away. The owner of Bailey notified Hyde about the dog’s disappearance before its discovery. The shelter posted a message about Bailey on its Facebook page. The post noted that the dog was last seen in Sunland Park and Mesa. It urged people to call the shelter if they spotted the dog.

Before Bailey disappeared, witnesses reported seeing the dog. According to Hyde, she could track its movements after seeing it in the area.

In an interview, Hyde said she could predict the situation’s outcome by saying the dog would eventually return to the shelter. She also noted seeing the dog on the doorbell camera during the night.

On the day that Bailey returned, the shelter made a post on its Facebook page mentioning that the dog was safe. It thanked everyone who searched for her and noted that dogs are brilliant. After returning to the shelter, the dog was immediately put into her run. The staff members were also happy to see her.

Bailey is now healthy and back with its owner. Hyde said that the dog is determined to stay close to its owner.

According to Hyde, the owner of Bailey has already ordered the dog a GPS collar. She also noted that the the owner had learned his lesson.

According to Hyde, she thought the dog was returning to the shelter. She then told the camera person that the dog would eventually return. Hyde was surprised when the dog rang the doorbell at 1:42 in the morning and said it was home. The doorbell alerted the shelter staff, which showed Bailey on camera.

When Bailey arrived at the El Paso Animal Rescue League, staff members took her inside and placed her in warm blankets. She then returned to the shelter and fell asleep peacefully all night.

According to Hyde, the facility’s Ring doorbell camera would constantly go off and on while Bailey was at the door. The staff member on the camera said that Bailey went up to the camera after they called out her name.

The facility’s founder, Ms. Hyde, stated that the ARL doorbell would continuously go off and on as Bailey was at the door. Hyde said the video shows the dog running and sitting as she waited for someone to come.

Image credits-Animal Rescue League of El Paso

The animal was then reunited with its new family. Hyde said it was a happy ending for everyone. Hyde said this evidences the proof that dogs are more intelligent than humans. She was impressed by how the dog got back to the shelter. She noted that the animal had to go through busy intersections to return to the shelter 10 miles away. The shelter stated that the dog spent her entire life in the facility, and she was on a mission to return home once she got loose.

Concerns were addressed by the staff, who stated they are confident that Bailey is well-taken care of. They also plan on staying in touch with his family.

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