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A Boy Helped Out A Girl During A Period Emergency. Check Out Her Mom’s Sweet Post Thanking His Parents For Raising A Great Young Man.

There is no doubt that puberty can be a difficult time. During this time, kids care a lot about what others think of them. They get scared to be judged by others. So naturally, they start to worry about their self-image. That is why whatever humiliating events that happen during this age stay with you. 

One such startling moment for a teenager is getting their first period in public. The child may not know what to do. Also, peers or people around you likely make fun of you. That sort of reaction can be challenging for a kid, especially at such a young age. It may feel like a nightmare. Such experiences can be very upsetting for kids. 

One young girl had to face a similar experience on a school bus. She had a lot of school kids on the bus with her. It already sounds like a nightmare, right? It would have been a terrible experience for her. However, lucky for her, she did not have to go through anything humiliating. That is because a considerate young man stepped in to save the day. Without making fun of her or making a scene, this young man did something noble. 


Once the young girl’s mother heard the story from her daughter, she felt grateful towards the boy. She was thankful that he stepped in to save her daughter from embarrassment. So she decided to share this inspiring story on Facebook. Staying anonymous, in her post, she explained the situation her daughter had to go through. She also appreciated the young man for his thoughtful actions. She did not forget to show gratitude to the mother for raising him right. “


In her post, the mother wrote, “My daughter started her period on the bus ride home today. The young girl was traveling home from school when this happened. She had a busload of students and peers around her. As you can imagine, it could have been a terrible experience. 


Luckily, an older boy on the bus managed to help her out. As he saw the stain on her pants, he knew that others would make fun of her. So this boy immediately pulled her aside to let her know. He was careful enough to talk to the girl in whisper tones to avoid others hearing the conversation. He also tried to make her feel at ease by offering his sweater to tie around her waist. That way, she could hide the stain while walking home off of the bus.


The young girl, of course, felt awkward in this situation. Understandably she was uncomfortable. Embarrassed at first, she tried to decline the offer. The considerate young man perfectly understood her awkward reaction and panic. So he insisted that she take the sweater by telling her, “I have sisters; it is all good!’ 

What a young gentleman! He was thoughtful, understanding, and kind. You can sense some good parenting behind his kind actions.

The young girl’s mother understood that as well. In her post, the mother thanked the boy’s parents for her son’s kindness.

She wrote that whoever the mom of the boy is, she is raising him right. 

“The mother also added that we get to hear bad things about today’s youth a lot. So she wanted to share something positive!


Then this inspiring story got shared on Reddit too.

On the Reddit thread, ‘Little humans being bros,’ a Reddit user shared this mother’s grateful post.


This incredible story got a lot of love. Once the Reddit user shared the post, it got over 200,000 shares. It also got a ton of comments appreciating the young boy and his parents. People found the boy’s actions kind and considerate. One Reddit user wrote: that the world needs more people like this boy. This young man made his parents proud. Also, his sisters must feel proud of him too.


This incident is a prime example of great parenting. 

According to one user, the story shows that good parenting shapes a child to be kind and responsible. That is exactly what society needs. 

A lot of comments appreciated the boy’s parents for raising him right. One social media user wrote: “This is how we should raise our sons and daughters.” We cannot agree more with that! 


We hope that this story inspires parents to teach their kids kindness, respect and compassion. It would be great if young boys grow up to humanize and understand women.

People also pointed out the importance of teaching young boys to be considerate towards girls. 

Unfortunately, we hear a lot more negative stories about teens than positive ones like this. It is pleasing to hear such a story that shows the best of the youth.

In a lot of instances, we hear young boys being insensitive or rude. Especially in situations like this, it is likely that young boys make fun of the girl. They would not think of understanding the problem or helping her out. Unfortunately, people often dismiss such acts as ‘it is how they are or saying ‘boy will be boys.’ However, this story proves otherwise! It shows that you can raise a good kid with the right parenting. Proper parenting can help young boys grow into responsible and caring young men.


Keep scrolling to read the lovely post that the girl’s mother wrote. Also, you will find some of the comments people left about this inspiring story. 


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Getting your first period in public is a nightmare.  However, if you’re lucky people around you will have your back.

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