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A 26-year-old Girl Hired A Private Detective & An Attorney To Find Her Stolen Husky!

In 2013, Kameroun Mares adopted a husky puppy from a shelter in San Diego. She licensed the animal, got its shots, and registered it with the local humane society.

After being diagnosed with leukemia in 2004, Mares purchased a puppy named “Semper Fidelis.” The dog was a bit energetic, and she was hoping it would help her fight depression and improve her diabetes. They had much fun together, including one Christmas when she dressed up as Santa Claus and the canine played with her reindeer.

Mares moved to Florida in 2015 with her puppy. However, when she learned she was not insured in the state, she returned to California. In March 2016, she left her pet with her roommate and a pet sitter. She was confident that her dog would be safe with the two individuals.

Mares got a call from her roommate, who told her her dog had escaped. She then asked her roommate if the dog had a collar. Since she was unsure if the dog had a collar, she decided to do something about it. She contacted the microchip company and the humane society and posted fliers around the area.

Since she was too far away from her usual activities, Mares only had limited options when it came to searching for her lost pet. She returned home after her treatments, but she still believed someone would eventually find her dog.

Mares said she sat down and waited for the call to come. She also thought about her dog’s fate, believing the animal might have been placed on the streets or in a ditch. She kept in touch with the lost dog groups she had joined following the disappearance of her pet, and she continued to search for her dog.

Mares kept waiting for a response from the microchip company. After contacting a private investigator, she learned that the company had placed another owner’s name on the dog’s chip, purchased on Craigslist. Mares then decided to hire a lawyer to try and get her pet back.

The dog’s owner tried contacting the microchip company multiple times. However, she was unsuccessful. She then reached out to Ana Campos, a private investigator. After learning that the company had placed the new owner’s name on the dog’s microchip, she hired a lawyer.

On October 18, the San Diego Sheriff’s Office seized the dog and returned it to its rightful owner. In a video posted on Facebook, Ana, who was present at the reunion, said it was an excellent day for the dog and the owners.

According to Mares, the dog was always present. Her roommate stole him who then sold him for $200. She urged other owners to be aware of this and not to allow their pets to be stolen.

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