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6000 Residents In One Lane? Sounds Impossible, Right? But Suloszowa Did It.

A small town or a village has the joy of life. The comfortable living and the connection among and with others are exceptional there. In a village or a small town, you know everyone. And they know you too. Everybody is much closer to each other. There are places where everyone gathers to spend time together or play together. There is a hospital, a post office, a church, a school, and shops that provide needed facilities. Hence, living in a small town with people you know very much is better than a place where you find happiness. It might not be the case for everyone, though. Some do love their personal space better. However, as human beings, it is our nature to like the company of others. 

But could you get too close to people like in today’s story? 

This bunch of people lives on the same street!!

This is a village in Europe. The village Suloszowa is located in southern Poland. It does sound like a typical village as we talk, but it is shocking. The town became the talk among people after a viral status on Twitter where an aerial photo of the said village was posted. Incredibly, 6000 Suloszowa residents live on the same street. The lane is nine kilometres long and has been reportedly dubbed the “Little Tuscany” because of its layout. In 2017 its population was 5,819, according to COS Poland. It must be fun, right? Having all your loved ones and people you know close to you. All you have to do is drive along the lane to meet everyone. This would exactly be something everybody wants to try.

Image credits – Shutterstock Olivier Uchmanski

As you can see, strips of roads are connected to the village. It looks like every house has got its own lane to work on. Each resident is said to have a strip of land attached to their house where they can farm, grow trees, or house animals. It is up to the residents to decide what they want to do with the said land. But is this true? Let us find out then.

The villagers responded by saying what it was like to the village and how they had used the strip of land. One said he would never give up on this place for anything else. According to him, the village got its own beauty. He implies that the area has its uniqueness to it.

Another one said the whole place looks the same. It is always a strip of field, then a house, then a field, and it continues. But those fields have different types of crops. As this person confirmed, one has grains, the second lane got rapeseeds, and the third has something else. With the variety of crops and all, the color of the village looks impressive from above.

Image credits – Shutterstock Olivier Uchmanski

This picture was posted on Reddit, and people burger in to ask questions from the residents. It is undoubtedly the question we all might be having. Is the strip of land actually the property of each house on the street? For that, someone replied, saying one of his Polish friends confirmed it as a yes. So, It does belong to the houses. Not only that, but also the person further said that each house has that strip of land to do whatever on hence, different colors, and they use the land for different purposes. They do not only grow crops but also farm animals or just leave it as it is.

The layout of the village and every little story connected to it is unbelievable. But as we all can conclude, the residents live happily, which is all that matters.

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