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30 ‘perfect fits’: These Perfectly Lined Up Pictures Will Cure Your OCD.

After going through a long and hard day, what do you look for? You should watch something relaxing and satisfying. Lots of people find a piece of peace through lovely videos and pictures. So, today we bring you these perfectly lined-up pictures. 

Here are 30 of them which people found as ‘perfect fits.’

1. It almost looks like wallpaper!

Image credits – muckbertkraus

These stacks of wood are perfectly merged together, creating a beautiful pattern. Viewing these from the front will be confusing.

2. Knobs or building blocks?

Image credits – kjh4087

The colors of the rainbow seem to fit into each knob perfectly. The knobs look like those building block children like to play with. Also, the colors are so astonishing. They are pastel and unique.

3. My kind of violin

Image credits –
Image credits – thiswildidea

What a fantastic fit this is!!! Now this is a violin I would like to play. Nevertheless, he looks cozy there.

4. Hey, mister Microwave. Can I…?

Image credits – rastroboy

Help!!! It looks like she is asking for her meal out of frustration. Hahaha.

5. Now, this is a call for a new hero character

Image credits – Chingelmarie

Have you seen this character? They are probably going to make their debut this year. Anyways, perfectly captured at the perfect time.

6. Is your cat a model? Yes!

Image credits – maddiegcfh

Who knows? Maybe his head is actually there while we are looking at the bag. Cats are cunning.

7. At this point monitor is just a frame

Image credits – wetdirtkurt

How can every piece of the building perfectly line up like that? The monitor, indeed, looks like a picture frame.

8. Sun rays know their geometry.

Image credits – b2utynthebeast

How symmetrical and satisfying? Whoever got this was lucky enough to capture the best.

9. And that is how the ‘0l0’ emoji was made

Image credits – Do660

Can you define ‘perfect timing’ any better? This is it.

10. Just twins twinning

Image credits – reddit.com

It is not about how they beautifully merge but how those cars are the same model too. Could you spot the difference if it was the same color?

11. It is a bed. Who told you it is a food bowl?

Image credits – rhochicristaldo

He looks comfy.

12. Snail got better Halloween vibes than us

Image credits – TheNiffles

When you made your Halloween decoration, a snail stole it for a costume. Having another snail in the other eye would be amazing.

13. Heart-melting fitting

Image credits – oubelin

Now you realize how tiny those baby feet really are.

14. If it fits, I park!

Image credits – DrBillyWayneRuddock

It is the actual space of the car, for sure. But I am still praying for the one getting out of the vehicle.

15. The shadow?? But how??

Image credits – oldlilpeep

It takes a while to realize the shadow of the rod is on his face. Someone would mistake this for magic, for sure.

16. Filled to the brim. Better until you drink it!

Image credits – eddyburback

Perfectly filled. Even the edges of the machine and the reflection are satisfyingly aligned.

17. The actual horse-man

Image credits – imbugss

But he still looks majestic, though. Yet, what is the place for these kinds of chairs? 

18. When everything makes too much sense.

Image credits – ZZMazinger

The true meaning at its finest

19. Hair tie in a maze

Image credits – Hglucky13

How can it go and fit in there like that?

20. Toes… toes… toes…

Image credits – TimpaniSymphony

Those toes look chubby and round, perfectly aligned.

21. Nahh… he is just a sticker!

Image credits – stupidpetface

If its body was hidden, you would genuinely mistake it as a sticker. And all of its features are inside the circle as well.

22. But why do they look so much alike?

Image credits – idrum4days

They actually look similar. And the way their clothes’ colors match also make it even better.

23. A horse-woman?

Image credits – PawneePorpoise

24. Have you ever seen the baby banana? The tip and the end of the banana make a baby.

Image credits – bingbongmalakaman

25. There is a reason why we should look twice

Image credits – Jarteast

It is the groom and the bride but looks like an old lady in a wedding gown.

26. Her teeth are the Ellipsis 

Image credits – S_martianson

Did people even notice there was an Ellipsis? Coz it does not look like her teeth.

27. SmoothThis is a rare occasion you get it to pass smoothly without a splash.

Image credits – Alihumi91

28. A rare footage of a rib cage

Image credits – gap343

The coupled sea shells literally look like a rib cage.

29. He is watching!

Image credits – namebrandrew

Would you get scared or find it funny? Or both? It is the driving license ID picture.

30. Spooky yet satisfying!

Image credits – tripldee

Not the way all the colors match together. It was the pillowcase that was made just for him.

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