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26 Photos Of Knitwear That Blends Seamlessly With The Surroundings

For over an hour, Joseph Ford, a photographer, and Nina Dodd, a professional knitwear designer, have been working on creating custom jumpers that will blend seamlessly into various environments.

The series is now available in a book by Hoxton Mini Press, which features 26 knitted items. The book also includes stories, photos, and an introduction by a gallerist and writer, Laura Noble.

Ford told The Independent she enjoys picking suitable models and finding graphic locations. She also works with Nina to create seamless garments.

The images are created so precisely that even a jumper or camera moving by an inch would unravel the illusion.

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#1 Mady and Monette(2015)-The identical twins from Paris live together and always wear the same clothes. They both appear as if they are each other’s mirrors and blend perfectly into the background in this photo.

#2 Tom and Dre (2019) – To break the stereotype of fishermen, Ford asked two skaters to pose for a picture by the harbor.

#3 Jimmy(2014)-The bearded man wearing a red-colored jumper clutches his knitting needles. The jumper’s texture, color, and motif are similar to those found on the seat he’s sitting on.

#4 Rumi and Scarlette(2019)

#5 Monsieur Chat(2017)

#6 Venus(2015)-A small dog, which appears to be sniffing a bush, is bundled up in a green cover.

#7 Calum(2017)- One of Ford’s favourite picture. The knitwear took almost 97 hours to finish and was one of the difficult design created by Dodd.

#8 Lo,Beachy Head(2018)

#9 Malik(2016)-A man wearing a cardigan similar to wall is seen walking across a tiled area.

Ford said that Nina inspired the cover image. She showed him a photo of a cardigan she made using a bus seat as the base. I thought it was incredibly visually striking. The two of them started looking for a model.

Ford’s preparation for the photos was a painstaking process. He started by finding interesting locations, taking photos of himself or an individual who he wanted to portray as the real model, and then drawing what he wanted to make of the jumper. He also took some empty spaces to get an idea what textures and colors would look like in the image, and he helped Dodd plan out the details of the garment.

#10 Chris(2019)

#11 Fruit Fraud(2019)-a banana, which is presumably  “pretending” to be a watermelon.

#12 Fimber Bravo(2018)

#13 Cherry Blossom-A young girl swings in a pretty dress with a pink and white cherry blossom pattern.

#14 Knitting Track

#15 Black Phoenix(2019)

#16 Kate(2019)

#17 Nina(2018)-Dodd modeled for her own knitwear in this simple photograph.

#18 Stilts

#19 Buddy and Taboushka(2019)- Ford and Nina had a hard time finding the right yarn to match the crapet.

#20 Fatboy slim(2018)-This image was taken on Norman Cook’s rooftop, and it took over 60 hours to make. Ford managed to get the shot, which is 8 meters wide, by balancing on a ladder.

#21 This Side up- For his self-portrait, Ford asked ford Dodd to create a jumper that matched the grafitti on the wall by the sea. The project took around 50 hours.

#22 Seth Globepainter(2019)

#23 Popay(2019)

#24 Knit Teapot

#25 Rock pools

#26 Rock Pools

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