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20 Top Funny Parenting Tips Of All The Time At a Glance

The upbringing of children is not something easier. Parents will have to be pretty much careful with the kids and, at the same time, will have to cover all the house chores and stuff related to their jobs. As it sounds harder, it does. Usually, parents sacrifice most of their life for the wellness of their children. Of course, you will find many difficulties excluding those sacrifices. However, there are several occasions that parents are using brilliant life-saving hacks for the wellbeing of their children. There is no doubt you will find these extremely funny, useful and will surely be surprised.

1.Multiplication table vs. children

Most parents find it hard to educate their children regarding multiplication tables. This way, the kids can memorize it much more easily as they will encounter it countless times in a day.


2.A convenient way to identify twins

How will you identify your babies if you have twins?

Sounds complicated, doesn’t it?

The solution is easier. Parents cut their elder one’s hair, shaping them as number one and the other one as number two. This is hilarious, but at least you will not have any difficulty when identifying your children.

3.Did you forget to buy a bathtub? It is okay as long as you possess a baby pool.

bath tub

4. No need to be worried that your BBQ grill may cause harm to kids thanks to this well-made fence. Another hack made by the daddy.


5.Kids love to play with the sands, but it may not be hygienic because of the domestic animals.

How about using a tent!

Yes, you can close it anytime to preserve the health of the kids.

The Goonberry Tales

6. Without a doubt, of course, this is a mommy hack. Well, without a doubt, this mother can make anything from nothing. 


7. Children will find it harder to stay idle, and they will run here and there. Of course, they are like that because of their nature. The solution is we can keep her out of danger thanks to this car magnet.

raleigh scare

8. You may find it extremely difficult to deal with kids, especially in a place like a plane. Well, the solution is these inexpensive window stickers, and they will just do the trick.


9. Keep a diaper in the potty chair. It will be easier without any mess, especially when you are traveling with your kids.


10. These shower caps will help your stroller not to make a mess in your house.

11. This daddy’s invention is pretty hilarious, but it will keep the baby out of danger. That is what we want, isn’t it?


12. Using this carpet will attract the kids to play instead of drawing it with crayons.


13. When giving medicine, you have to be extra careful, and it is better to write the dosage on the bottle if you might forget it. Cross the day and dosage after any medication.


14. Put your baby where you can see. You can do each work and take care of the baby at the same time.


15. Make use of anything you are not using and make a new and funny world where the children can play.


16. A white lie is okay if it can make your children eat a healthy diet. How about giving these apple French fries to your kids?

17. This is one of the coolest hacks ever. Make them believe that you are listening to songs and can spy on the kids this way.

18. Do not sacrifice either the kids or food. Why not consider having them both at the same time.


19. This brilliant trick will help the kids to stand out in a crowd. You can easily manage to find them.


20. If you are wondering about traveling with your kids, make sure to be reminded of this car seat hack. 

mommy hacks official

In the future or you might be already expecting children right now. If you are, you will find these extremely useful. These parents exhibit that even though parenting is not something easier, certain things can reduce our efforts and relieve some of the hardships. Using these tricks will not cost you any harm, and it is the opposite. On the contrary, these will help you to make your time with the kids even more wonderful with fewer insecurities than before. 

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